Truck Injury Attorney in Missouri City TX

Truck mishaps are various from a common guest vehicle crash, and not just because of the extremely serious injuries they can cause. Unlike a common car accident case where one driver is held at fault for the crash, truck mishap claims can consist of a variety of responsible persons from the owner of the truck, to the company that preserves it, to the business that loaded the truck’s freight, to a operator.

Exactly What Will You Do After Your Trucking Accident?

If you remain in a trucking accident, you will ask yourself severe questions. How will I get proper medical treatment? How will my medical bills be paid? We are Texas trucking mishap lawyers with over forty years of litigation experience and will assist you with your issues and answer these questions. For more details about truck mishap concerns please click on this link.

Why Should a Houston Trucking Lawyer Handle My Case?

A trucking accident case must not be handled like a regular automobile accident.Your Missouri City, Texas trucking mishap attorney need to be familiar with the special issues involving the trucking industry, including the Federal Motor Provider Safety Laws. Our background and experience as tractor-trailer accident lawyers provide us with the ability to safeguard your interest.

Causes of Trucking Collisions

Unsafe Speed

Lots of truck accidents that trigger major injuries in Texas and other states include truck operators running their vehicles at excessive speeds. It is not a surprise that like routine vehicle mishaps, speeding tractor-trailers can cause major damages to those operating their automobiles on roadways, highways and interstates. However, unlike regular passenger lorries, commercial trucks weigh more, are harder to stop, more difficult to navigate, and are a lot more hazardous.

Equipment Failure

Lots of truck mishaps that cause severe injuries in Texas and Oklahoma include truck motorists operating their vehicles with faulty equipment. Issues with equipment often involve improper maintenance and flaws in brakes, tires, guiding systems, or other crucial vehicle parts.

Violation of Hours of Service Regulations


Truck mishaps are frequently caused by neglectful or sidetracked operators in violation of the hours of service regulations. We are experienced truck accident legal representatives in Missouri City, Texas who know how to recognize when tractor trailer motorists have actually operated their tractor trailers in excess of the hours permitted by law.

Driving While Sick or Fatigued

The reasons for driving while fatigued vary; some drivers are pressed by their business to provide as quickly as possible, some operators stress about being late, and some motorists select not to follow the DOT rules. If a operator follows the guidelines relating to hours of service, that driver will hopefully have slept enough to avoid such inattentiveness.

Unqualified Truckers

In order to drive an industrial truck or tractor-trailer in interstate commerce, a motorist needs to be qualified under the federal regulations. Missouri City truck accident legal representatives should be able to identify when a operator should not be driving a trucking accident. A review of a motor provider’s file on a truck operator will supply a trucking lawyer with the information to identify if a motorist ought to have been driving the truck at the time of a mishap.

Load Shifting & Unsecured Cargo

Poorly secured cargo triggers many truck accidents on the nation’s highways and interstates consisting of those in Texas and Oklahoma. When a truck motorist has a load that shifts, the truck or trailer can end up being unstable, resulting in a jackknife or rollover truck mishap.

Driving in Unsafe Weather Conditions

Similar to auto accidents, truck mishaps are most likely to occur when dangerous roadway and climate condition exist. Despite the known risks of operating a truck in harmful conditions, the operators of these vehicles typically disregard the guidelines and policies of their employers and the federal government. The motorists are frequently under pressure to have actually items provided in a specific amount of time and are concerned about being delayed because the hours of service regulations may require them to rest for 10 hours if they reach a specific number of hours on responsibility.

Company Policy Offenses

A lot of trucking companies have policies that govern how their operators ought to run their lorries. Your truck mishap lawyer ought to ask for and review these policies to investigate whether a operator remained in infraction of a business policy at the time of a truck mishap. Discovering policy infractions is an important part in a truck accident lawyer’s capability to show that a truck motorist or business was irresponsible.

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Missouri City, Texas

Missouri City is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, within the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. The city is mostly in Fort Bend County, with a small portion in Harris County. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 67,358, up from 52,913 in 2000.[3] The population was estimated at 74,139 in 2015.[4]

The area in which Missouri City is now located holds a significant part in the history of Texas that dates back to its early days as part of the United States. In August 1853, the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway (BBB&C), began operating its first 20 miles (32 km) of rail line that stretched from Harrisburg (now Houston) to Stafford's Point (now Stafford). It was the first railroad to begin operating in Texas, and the first standard gauge railroad west of the Mississippi River.

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