Truck Injury Attorney in Hockley TX

Truck mishaps are various from a normal passenger automobile crash, and not even if of the exceptionally major injuries they can trigger. Unlike a normal car accident case where one motorist is held at fault for the crash, truck mishap claims can include a number of liable parties from the owner of the truck, to the company that maintains it, to the business that packed the truck’s cargo, to a motorist.

Exactly What Will You Do After Your 18 Wheeler Accident?

We are Texas trucking accident lawyers with over forty years of litigation experience and will help you with your issues and answer these questions. For more info about truck accident concerns please click here.

Why Should a Houston Trucking Attorney Represent Me?

Hockley, Texas trucking accident attorney need to be familiar with the unique problems involving the trucking market, including the Federal Motor Carrier Security Regulations. Our background and experience as tractor-trailer mishap legal representatives supply us with the capability to protect your interest.

Causes of Trucking Collisions

Excessive Speed

Many truck mishaps that cause severe injuries in Texas and other states involve truck operators running their cars at extreme speeds. It is no surprise that like routine vehicle accidents, speeding tractor-trailers can cause major harms to those running their cars on roadways, highways and interstates. Unlike regular traveler automobiles, commercial trucks weigh more, are harder to stop, harder to navigate, and are much more dangerous.

Equipment Failure

Many truck accidents that cause severe injuries in Texas and Oklahoma involve truck motorists running their lorries with faulty devices. Problems with equipment typically include inappropriate upkeep and problems in brakes, tires, steering systems, or other important car components.

Hours of Service Violation


Truck accidents are frequently brought on by neglectful or distracted motorists in violation of the hours of service regulations. We are skilled truck mishap attorneys in Hockley, Texas who understand ways to determine when tractor trailer operators have operated their tractor trailers in excess of the hours permitted by law.

Driving While Sick or Tired

It is not a surprise that when truck operators are tired out or drowsy, they are more likely to be involved in severe truck mishaps that trigger personal injury. The factors for driving while fatigued vary; some drivers are pressured by their business to deliver as quickly as possible, some operators stress over being late, and some drivers pick not to follow the D.O.T. guidelines. A Texas attorney who handles trucking mishap cases frequently finds that the accidents might have been prevented if the operator had been more attentive. If a driver follows the regulations relating to hours of service, that motorist will hopefully have actually slept enough to avoid such inattentiveness.

Unqualified Drivers

In order to drive a business automobile or tractor-trailer in interstate commerce, a operator must be qualified under the federal regulations. A review of a motor provider’s file on a truck driver will supply a trucking attorney with the details to identify if a driver must have been driving the truck at the time of an accident.

Load Shifting & Unsecured Cargo

Poorly protected freight triggers lots of truck accidents on the nation’s highways and interstates consisting of those in Texas and Oklahoma. Trucking lawyers in Texas know that loads can end up being unstable and shift throughout transit. When a truck driver has a load that moves, the truck or trailer can end up being unsteady, leading to a jackknife or rollover truck accident. When items are carried on a flatbed trailer, they can fall into traffic lanes if they are poorly secured.

Driving in Unsafe Weather Conditions

Similar to car mishaps, truck mishaps are most likely to take place when hazardous road and climate condition exist. Regardless of the recognized threats of running a truck in unsafe conditions, the operators of these vehicles often overlook the guidelines and policies of their employers and the federal government. The operators are often under pressure to have actually items provided in a specific quantity of time and are concerned about being delayed because the hours of service policies may need them to rest for ten hours if they reach a particular variety of hours on task.

Business Policy Offenses

Most trucking business have policies that govern how their operators should operate their vehicles. Your truck mishap lawyer need to request and review these policies to examine whether a driver was in infraction of a business policy at the time of a truck accident. Finding policy offenses is an important element in a truck mishap lawyer’s capability to reveal that a truck operator or company was negligent.

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Hockley, Texas

Hockley is an unincorporated community located in Harris County, Texas on Texas State Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 290, approximately five miles southeast of the city hall of Waller, and thirty-six miles northwest of Downtown Houston.[1]

The community serves as the main hub for railway traffic serving Houston, Austin, and many parts of central Texas. The Southern Pacific (now known as Union Pacific) rail line is one of the community's major employers. The community is surrounded by grain farms and cattle ranches.[citation needed]

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