Truck Injury Attorney in Dayton TX

Truck accidents are different from a typical traveler lorry crash, and not just because of the extremely major injuries they can cause. Unlike a normal automobile accident case where one driver is held at fault for the crash, truck accident claims can include a number of liable persons from the owner of the truck, to the company that maintains it, to the company that filled the truck’s cargo, to a operator.

Exactly What Will You Do After Your Truck Collision?

We are Texas trucking mishap legal representatives with over forty years of litigation experience and will assist you with your issues and respond to these questions. For more info about truck mishap concerns please click here.

Why Should a Houston Truck Injury Attorney Represent Me?

Dayton, Texas trucking accident lawyer should be familiar with the special concerns involving the trucking industry, consisting of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Laws. Our background and experience as tractor-trailer accident attorneys offer us with the ability to secure your interest.

Causes of Trucking Collisions

Excessive Speed

Many truck accidents that cause serious injuries in Texas and other states involve truck motorists operating their automobiles at excessive speeds. It is no surprise that like routine vehicle mishaps, speeding tractor-trailers can trigger severe harms to those operating their automobiles on roads, highways and interstates. Unlike routine passenger vehicles, industrial trucks weigh more, are harder to stop, more difficult to navigate, and are much more harmful.

Equipment Failure

Many truck accidents that trigger major injuries in Texas and Oklahoma include truck drivers running their lorries with defective equipment. Problems with equipment often involve improper upkeep and problems in brakes, tires, guiding systems, or other important vehicle parts.

Hours of Service Violation


Truck accidents are typically triggered by inattentive or sidetracked operators in violation of the hours of service policies. We are skilled truck accident legal representatives in Dayton, Texas who know ways to determine when tractor trailer motorists have run their tractor trailers in excess of the hours allowed by law.

Driving While Sick or Fatigued

It is not a surprise that when truck operators are tired out or drowsy, they are most likely to be involved in serious truck accidents that trigger personal injury. The factors for driving while fatigued vary; some drivers are pressured by their company to deliver as fast as possible, some motorists fret about being late, and some motorists select not to follow the DOT regulations. A Texas lawyer who handles trucking accident cases often finds that the accidents might have been prevented if the operator had been more attentive. If a driver follows the policies associating with hours of service, that operator will hopefully have actually slept enough to avoid such inattentiveness.

Unqualified Drivers

In order to operate a commercial truck or tractor-trailer in interstate commerce, a operator needs to be qualified under the federal guidelines. Dayton truck accident legal representatives should have the ability to identify when a operator ought to not be driving a trucking accident. An evaluation of a motor provider’s file on a truck motorist will supply a trucking legal representative with the details to determine if a driver ought to have been driving the truck at the time of an accident.

Load Shifting & Unsecured Cargo

Poorly protected freight triggers numerous truck mishaps on the country’s highways and interstates including those in Texas and Oklahoma. When a truck operator has a load that shifts, the truck or trailer can end up being unsteady, resulting in a jackknife or rollover truck accident.

Driving in Dangerous Highway Conditions

Much like car accidents, truck accidents are most likely to happen when hazardous road and climate condition are present. In spite of the recognized risks of operating a truck in unsafe conditions, the operators of these cars often ignore the guidelines and regulations of their companies and the federal government. The drivers are often under pressure to have items delivered in a specific amount of time and are concerned about being delayed due to the fact that the hours of service guidelines may need them to rest for 10 hours if they reach a particular number of hours on duty.

Company Policy Infractions

Most trucking companies have policies that govern how their operators should operate their automobiles. Your truck mishap lawyer need to request and examine these policies to investigate whether a operator was in offense of a business policy at the time of a truck accident. Finding policy offenses is an essential component in a truck accident attorney’s ability to show that a truck driver or business was irresponsible.

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